The Techno-GEO Ltd. was founded in the year of 2006’s first quarter. To the company's scope of activity belong the surface construction such as the surface exploration, substructure works, structure building; and the civil engineering namely the land surveying and technological leading of motorway’s, public road’s ground works, concrete- and asphalt covering building, as well as the accomplishment of qualification tasks to this related. The broadening customer tasks and demands make it obligate for us, making our customers absolutely sure of theirs contentment with our activity, respectively in addition to captivate and keep one’s confidence, the perfect work completion.

The company get accredited and unattached examiner laboratories to do the verification of construction work’s completion’s quality. We lay serious emphasis on carrying out the engineering tasks about building industry activities alike the design, construction and qualification too. Within this, the designing and construction land surveying activities, the quality control of construction works, respectively the qualification of these. Our company's main profile about planning is the planning itself and the supporting of its preparation. Its meaning in the connection of land surveying is the high precision fix point network, as well as the expansive to all demand surveying and mapping. About technology in turn, it’s the planning and transaction of the surface exploration and the interpretation of it, as well as the advising for the one who orders.

The important part of the construction is the continuous quality control what means the Taking of Samples and Qualification Designs, Technological Instructions, making of technological descriptions, as well as the technological work leadership, field coordination (technology-lab, lab-land surveying, construction-lab – control-lab). The qualifications of designing and construction works are made by the valid regulations and standards with continuous verification of the technical supervisors and unattached engineers. The above presented working processes of building industry are done by professional and skilled in construction experts. The company also lays serious emphasis on the continuous vocational training of its colleagues, as well as the recognition and acquaint with the new technological systems. To perform reliable, efficient and large volume engineering activity is possible only with modern appliance park and softwares. The applied hardware and software devices put cover on all part of the presented technical sections.